Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Half Time in Sri Lanka

The first couple of days after our arrival were spent preparing for an Almsgiving for my Mother. It is the custom to feed the needy on the Anniversary of a close family member's death. We had a lovely service at the Buddhist temple and then distributed food in the village and at St. Joseph's Church where we run our clinic.  A lovely custom.

Classroom on the Beach

We started this project when we realised that so many children's parents were paying about £1/$1.50 for extra lessons after school  These lessons appeared to make little or no difference to their ability to speak English.  3 years ago we had 17 children and last week we had 55.  We also have Maths, Science, History and computer teachers.   

The Village School

We have been involved with the government school for over 11 years.  We have fed the children every school day since then.  It is now a Primary school.  We had our prize-giving and also distributed shoes and socks.  The children we support at the local nursery also attended and were all given shoes. You can see me with a savings account book.  We have opened accounts for all the children and put about £3/$5 in each child's account whenever we visit.

Hard at work

Handing out certificates

The Clinic

FODAD has its own free clinic which is open once a week. Staffed by voluntary doctors FODAD pays for all the medication. We delivered a new blood pressure monitor and vitamins from the UK. 

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