Tuesday, 6 December 2016

It's All about the Children

This year we decided that for the first time, the children from our school on the beach, (mentioned in my last blog)  and the other children from the village should be treated to a Christmas Party. We held the party on Sunday December 4th and it was a tremendous success.  Santa appeared and the children were thrilled, as were their parents.  We played old-fashioned party games and had an amazing selection of food.  The children then danced the night away.  A huge success.

Musical chairs

On Sunday November 27th, we hosted children from a children’s home just outside Colombo that we support to a day on the beach.   We paid for their transport form the Home and gave them fun in the sea and a great meal. They went home very happy.

Last week, we went to the Orphanage we have supported for 11 years.  We were entertained by singing and dancing.

The very poorest pre-school children go to our local nursery school.  They came to our party on the beach and on our penultimate day in Sri Lanka, we bought them all ice-creams and gave them vouchers to buy school books for year one at school.

Handing out the vouchers

We were also treated to a wonderful end-of-term concert at the Government school we support. We put money put in 65 kids' savings accounts and also ordered the food for next term.


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