Monday, 12 October 2015

Of things Medical

When we first returned to Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami we were told by a local Priest who had a helped  the fishermen in our village  that his dream was to open a free clinic,  He said that he had 3 rooms he could put to good use.     We provided the money and clinic was opened late in 2005.

The sign above the clinic

The clinic which is open every Friday morning  still operates in the same 3 rooms and  has just under 4000 registered patients.  8 doctors work in rotation on a voluntary basis and FODAD supplies all the drugs at a cost of approximately £4600/US$7500 per year.
We visit  the clinic every time we return to Sri Lanka and are quite humbled  by the sheer dedication of the doctors and of Neighbours in Christ who run the clinic.
18 months ago we were asked if we could bring vitamins when we visit.    On Friday October 9th  we were able to donate the vitamins which we had brought with us to the duty doctor

Don with the Doctor with some of the donated vitamins.

We visited the clinic again on Saturday 10th  as we we had a free eye-clinic for the aged. Sadly, we could only cope with 85 people throughout the day in a makeshift optician surgery on a bus and we had to turn another 30 away.  So much thanks to everyone who supports us.
On the bus
The bus which became a surgery.
Chatting with the patients.

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