Saturday, 4 March 2017

Fun in the Sun

FODAD is not only about education, shoes, books and uniforms for the children  but also about giving them some fun.   We have had 3 wonderful days with different groups of children.

Four years ago we determined that the kids we support from a children's home in the interior who had never seen the sea,  should come and join us on the beach, play in the sea, have some time to play sports and then enjoy a lovely lunch.  Everyone and especially Don had a wonderful time.

Life's a Beach

Sanjay, now 16 whom we have known since he was 5

In November, we promised the children from our school on the beach a trip to anywhere of their choosing when we came back in February.      Obviously, the beach has no appeal.  They opted for Leisureworld.  A two-hour bus journey away.  Some of them were terrified by the rides but  they had a wonderful time and we arrived home exhausted having had a wonderful day out.

On the Bus

our tired group at the end of thd day

Different than the sea

On Friday March 3rd we took 36 children, their teachers and a few parents to the zoo.     It was a really hot day and we felt sorry for the animals.  They had rather less space that we would have expected.   Nonetheless, the children had a super time and really enjoyed their ice-creams.