Monday, 25 February 2013

The Unsung Heroes of our Medical Clinic

In 2005 a local Priest asked us if we could help him fulfil his dream of opening a free medical clinic for the families in our village. Since that date, FODAD funds the clinic which is open every Friday and which is always full of patients. We have been told that they have seen nearly 10,000 patients since they opened their doors.  FODAD pays for all the medication that is dispensed as well as for x-rays and any other tests or support needed. However, there is a pharmacist and an administrator who work there every week and 8 selfless doctors who work in rotation without any payment and who have done so for 7 years. We have not mentioned the clinic often enough in our blogs because there is nothing new to say as it runs so smoothly! It is run through an organization called Neighbours in Christ whom we visit twice a year and who are so efficient and dedicated that they deserve a huge amount of praise.

The doctor at work

Filling in prescriptions 

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