Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Boat Launched

Della and Don bought a fishing boat 8 years ago on their first trip back to Sri Lanka after the tsunami; they thought that was going to be that and never imagined in their wildest dreams that they would still benefiting so many today.  

Eight years is a long time in Sri Lanka for small boats especially when there are two monsoon seasons a year and so time was taking its toll and the original boat was beginning to take on water and the engine was costing the fishermen a lot of money to repair they could ill afford.  So Toby and his colleagues at the ALPSP set about raising money for a new boat, engine and GPS equipment towards the end of 2012 raising more than half towards the total needed.   We then launched the end of year appeal and successfully raised the remainder by New Year’s Day 2013.

This is the result:

The fishermen now have a new, reliable and safe boat from which they can fish and provide for their families.  From them, thank you to all who helped us reach our goal.

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