Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Grandparents' Gratitude

Bernard and Beryl Brown are regular February visitors to the Mount Lavinia Hotel and we have got to know them over the years. They have participated in our fun days and have grown very fond of the children at the school. Last year we missed them in Sri Lanka and were saddened to learn that they had stayed in Wales as their grandson Corris had Ewing's sarcoma – a type of bone cancer - and was seriously ill in hospital.   Bernard and Beryl asked Corris where he would like to go when he recovered from the surgery and chemotherapy and he said he would like to come to Sri Lanka with them this February.  He is here now with his parents Sheila and Paul and is enjoying himself in the swimming pool and visiting the elephants, just like any other teenage boy.  

Two years ago, Bernard and Beryl had promised the Principal that they would buy a musical instrument for the school when it became secure. Today, the proudly presented her with an electric organ in grateful thanks for the recovery of their grandson, Corris.

Corris handing over the organ

Music teacher trying out the organ!

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