Thursday, 20 November 2014

Education, Education,Education

Children from the Village School attend the  FODAD classroom for extra lessons.

My  intention was to write a blog today telling you all about mine and Don's very busy first 4 days in Sri Lanka since we arrived on November 16th.    We were surprised that there are so few tourists in November and that everywhere we walk there are thousands of butterflies.  The whole area is like a butterfly park.   For those of you who don't see us on Facebook or Twitter and do not know what a wonderful time we had on Wednesday with the girls from the orphanage whom we first took out 9 years ago, I was going to tell you about that day but ..... today we had an experience which confirmed the very heart of FODAD and its  mission.     It deserves a blog of its very own.  Don and I attended two classes in our very own FODAD classroom in the Fishing Village.  In September we had published a letter on our blog from the teacher we had employed earlier this year        On Tuesday, we helped to repaint the room we rent in brilliant white so that we could use a projector without a screen and today we attended 2 lessons. We were bowled over.   Our kids are really coming on and they absolutely love the lessons.  We will get there!  They will get there.  The kids from our Village will now have the opportunity to learn not only English but extra Maths, Science and History.  
It is almost 10 years since the horrendous tsunami that brought us together but we are so happy that together will all of you, we really are giving the children hope of a better future!  
Watching English language videos with kids from the Village in Class this afternoon!
I am shamelessly using this opportunity to launch our holiday campaign.  On 26th December it will be 10 years since the Asian tsunami.  If you can spare a donation as a holiday gift, you will help us continue with this work.    Thanks so much on behalf of all the wonderful children we support.   Della and Don

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