Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lost Boys - Found!

We're really pleased to have eventually found and met up with the two boys from the village who were taken into care and then disappeared after being beaten by their drunken father and then their guardian. (see the previous blog post).

It took a two hour drive but eventually we tracked them down to a childrens' home on the way to Kandy road, some 90 km from the Village.  As we drove down the the road on the approach to the building, we were all silent, fearing the worst. But as we pulled up, first impressions were favourable and we caught a glimpse of Sanjeewa, the eldest of the two brothers.

We so wanted to see the boys but had to go through the formalities of being shown around.  It is a really nice place with just 19 children and was set up by a German couple in 2005. The place was spotless, the rooms were clean, light and modern, and it seems really well equipped - a far cry from the squalid prison we secretly feared. It's run by a married couple who seem very fond of all the children.

Eventually, we got to see Sanjeewa (14) and Sanjeew (11).  At first there was a moment of hesitation as they wondered why these people had come all this way to find them. But we spent an hour with the kids and found out more about the home and their new school.  Both boys seemed really happy with their new life, together.

Before leaving, we made a donation to the home, agreed to set up a bank account for the brothers which only they can access when they reach 18 and pay in 500 Rupees (£3) for each boy every month, and bought both of them new shoes for school and some cricket bats and balls.

As we left both boys were beaming and a few tears were shed from relief and happiness that both boys were still together and happy in their new home.

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