Wednesday, 8 February 2012

..but terrible frustration

After the elation of the success of the street kids project, we then embarked on a mission to try and find the boys from our village who have been put in a children's home.  The back story is tragic one - their mother went to work in the Gulf but is untraceable so heaven knows what has happened to her.  Their father is a drunk and incapable of looking after his sons and subjected them to terrible abuse.  They spent a while living in squalid conditions before being taken to a childrens' home.  Regular followers of our visits to Sri Lanka will instantly recognise them.

Frustratingly, we did not have the correct information and drove around for about  3 hours without being able to find them or anyone who knew of them.  We will continue in our search as we do not want to leave Sri Lanka without finding them and ensuring that they are being taken care of.

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