Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunday 13 Feb

Having arrived late on Saturday night we caught up with Della and Don over breakfast to discover all the hard work they and Tess (a fellow trustee out on her visit) had been doing the previous week – no wonder they were exhausted.  As well lots of preparatory work for the next 2 weeks, they had visited two new projects which we feel compelled to support: one is the Slumdog Street Kids of Colombo and the other the Jungle Nursery.  Both are in desperate need of our support and we’ll write about them later in the week and include lots of heart-wrenching pictures.  And it wasn’t a complete rest for D and D either as they had to go and source the bicycles for the prizegiving ceremony on Tuesday while we took our friends Lawrence, Lisa and their youngest son Callum – on their first visit to Sri Lanka – down to the Village.  Despite their trepidation, they soon relaxed in the company of Udaya the fisherman, his family and the rest of the community, but it certainly opened their eyes…

Callum trialing for the Cricket World Cup

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