Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fun Day Times

For some of us, it’s the highlight of every year’s visit and we’re sure the children get almost as much enjoyment out of the annual fun and games day held at the Village school as we do.  This is the third event we’ve held and 6 teams competed for winners medals: the Lanka Lions; Scooby Doos; Raging Bulls; Sri Lanka Sharks, Red Dragons and Kings of the Ring.  

As well as being great fun, it also allows the children to demonstrate their creativity by making a themed "house" or "base" relevant to the team name; it promotes leadership and teamwork, especially for each team captain who has to encourage and control the younger kids; and competitiveness alongside good sportsmanship.

The games this year took an unusual twist: the “find the toffee hidden in the flour with a wet face” was particularly good fun while the “eat a dry bread roll with your hands tied behind your back” probably won’t feature again next year!

Eating dry bread rolls - don't try this at home

Balloon Dancing
Loads of parents turned up to watch and joined in the ultra competitive musical chairs competition which was great to watch.  And the school excelled itself at the organisation of the day this year putting on a truly remarkable event.  
The victorious Raging Bulls

Four hours chanting, cheering and urging your team to win was great fun, but we were drained afterwards. However, Lawrence led the Raging Bulls to a deserved, if narrow, victory ahead of the Scooby Doos which would have won the prize for most creative “house” complete with Scooby kennel and polystyrene bone!

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