Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Village School update

One of the things we agreed to investigate before we left Sri Lanka last February was the erection of new partitions in the main school hall.  The teachers felt that installing moveable walls would create a much better atmosphere for learning and limit distractions from the adjoining classes.

Since then, thanks to your continued support, we've funded 5 new partitions and these have now been built and installed and are already being put to use. 

And are they making a difference?  Well, thanks to the computer which we provided to the school, we are now in regular contact with the staff and this is what Asika, the teacher to whom we provide a small salary had to say: " a result of the partitions, we can see an improvement of all the sections of the school. Actually we see a different level of teaching & learning after separating classes."  

And in further news, Asika reports that because of the rise in interest in IT since we installed the computer,  the school has been provided with another one from the local education authority.  Asika continues: "Again and again, we would like to thank you all for the service you have provided for our pupils."

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