Thursday, 22 February 2018

A Wonderful Legacy

Late in 2012, Doreen, a single Mother of two  boys in the school we support,  had her leg amputated after two racing tuk-tuks ran her down.

                                        Doreen with her new leg                                      

There is no welfare or support in Sri Lanka but the assistance of  two friends of FODAD meant that Doreen did not become a crippled beggar on the street. 
Tess Boswood, a FODAD Trustee, paid for medication and a new leg and our good friend Mary Fugle paid Doreen's rent.  Doreen never stopped smiling throughout her terrible ordeal and her only concern was her boys' education.

Doreen reading a card from Tess
Sadly, Tess passed away in November  2017 but Doreen's resilience is one of her living legacies.
Since January of 2018 Doreen has taught Tamil and Sinhala on a voluntary basis  at our school on the beach.  Her younger son Smith heard that he had 3 A level passes in that same month.  He will go to University next year.  A scholarship in honour of Tess will support him.  A wonderful legacy.

Doreen (far left) at Della's 70th Birthday party in Sri Lanka last week

Doreen teaching at the School on the Beach

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  1. A wonderful legacy indeed, and how fantastic that Doreen is also now part of FODAD with her teaching :) x