Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Back in Action

After a few days of no blogging, we are back in action and ready to report on the latest updates.  Unfortunately Don was unwell over the weekend so we decided that it was best not to go travelling as we had planned, but to stay here and use the time to finish off some bits and pieces. 

On Saturday we visited the boatyard and we were delighted to see that our fishing boat was in good condition and had caught 75kg of Calamari the night before. 

Our fishing boat

The next morning we visited the fish market to see the final stages of the fishing process. 

Colin explaining the process to Della 

Yesterday afternoon Udaya and I went to the port in Colombo to buy 5 new fishing nets.  During the storms at the beginning of June, in which there were many deaths, our fishermen were forced to cut their nets in order to survive and get back to shore safely. 

Udaya and one of the new nets

Today we witnessed the dyeing of the nets from white to green, in order to prepare them for use on the boats tomorrow. 

Boiling the water to dye the nets
The dye

Drying the nets

....and here are a couple of photos of yesterday evening's stunning night sky! 

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