Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Year is a long time...

I had been looking forward to taking the girls on their day out ever since last year, so when the day finally came around I was so excited to see them all again. When the bus arrived to pick us up, the girls voices were as loud as ever and music was already blasting from the inside of the bus. I was delighted that we were able to take the girls to the beach because last year many of them said how much they love the sea. When we arrived we had lunch and then we were introduced to Sri Lankan party games, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Our favouirte was a game which involved a pair feeding ice-cream to each other whilst blindfolded.

After this it was time to play in the sea, much to the girls excitement. It was amazing to hear the screams of pure joy coming from the girls as they ran into the water. Most of them cannot swim but that didn’t stop them from playing in the water for a couple of hours. Despite our attempts to stay dry, all of us were pushed into the sea by the girls, who were determined that none of us would escape without getting soaked.

Then it was prize-giving time; gifts were presented and speeches were given and it was clear how much the girls enjoyed the day and how grateful they are for our support. It was very sad leaving the girls at the end of the day and as we walked away from the bus we could hear shouts of 'don’t forget us!’. It was an amazing day, and I cannot wait to take the girls on another day out next year.


Some comments on the day from Alex (13), Felix (11) and Max (11)

Alex: It was amazing. It was so fun, I really enjoyed it. They sang and danced all the time. The girls were all singing together on the bus, and they knew the Justin Bieber song ‘Baby’ just like me. We played an ice-cream game which was really hard. The best bit was when we went into the sea with the girls and jumped the waves.

Felix: They were very excited and laughing and cheering. And then the show they were doing was great and it was funny when Don, Della, Lucy and Toby had to dance with the girls. The ‘passing the ball’ game was very funny too and also the ping-pong game – which I won. I noticed that the girls had practiced the ping-pong game before. The sea was very warm and we had fun playing catch with the pall and playing football on the beach. When we came back on the bus Alex found some brown thread and we asked Don to throw it to the girls behind us and then they threw it back; some of the girls were quite scared by it.

Max: Going to the beach with the girls was fun and I discovered that one of the girls was a big Ronaldo fan so we played football on the beach. We were invited to play cricket by some local boys which was very fun, but Alex managed to bowl me out. Ms Mohammed said to me at the end to say hello to mummy and that she hopes she gets better soon so she can come next time! The girl said it was great to be able to play football with me because none of the other girls would play with her.

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