Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Village School Fete

 June 23rd saw the annual fete at the Village School in Hampstead, London.  Since 2005 the Village School has been a huge supporter of Fodad.  The parents and staff encouraged by  the Principal, Miss Gay  have generously supported fund-raisers  enabling  Fodad to open a school playground in Ratmalana as well as feed the children at the school  every day for the past 7 years. The fact that the children are fed means that not only are they as healthy as those from better off families but that their parents are encouraged to  send them to school knowing that they will at least have one good, nourishing meal each day. 

The fete at the school is the major fund-raiser for FODAD and luckily it did not rain.  Once again the parents went out of their way setting up stalls selling wonderful cakes and sweets and ensuring that there was  lots of fun and activities for the children, including an inflatable slide, clown performances and workshops, sponge throwing, as well as an amazing blend-your-own smoothie by bike stall.  

Della and Don arrived to find that the Friends of the Village School had printed a beautiful poster which no-one could miss as they came into the school.   Times are hard, and we understand that before this summer’s fund-raisers there was less than £5 in the coffers.  So thank you everyone at the village school – your support has been consistent and absolutely amazing!  Without you we could not possibly have achieved so much.

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