Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Good news for the Street kids!

We received a text this morning, from Father Mahendra whose Street children project we support. He informed us that 10 of the Street kids have been accepted by the Government school! This is wonderful news, since no school would accept them before as they are considered feral.

This is such a great opportunity for those 10 kids as it will provide a real chance for them to progress even further than they already have since starting school.

This picture shows the kids when we saw them in July. They had come on so much and had developed social skills and communicative skills which was such a change from our previous visit. Being accepted in the government school will help those children to have the same opportunities as other kids, despite their extremely tough upbringing.

If you want to support the street kids and our other projects, then don't forget to check out our Light Up A Life page.

Happy holidays!

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