Thursday, 4 August 2011

Power to the People

Regular followers of our trips to Sri Lanka will know how concerned we have been about bare electricity wires hanging from the walls at the Village Nursery.  So as Della, Don and Lucy embark on their last day of good-byes and wrapping things up, imagine how delighted we were to receive this picture this morning.  It looks like after nearly 2 years, the hotel has fulfilled its promise to make safe the wiring.  So this gesture just underlines how busy and successful the three of them have been this trip.  Apart from any last minute update, we're expecting a final blog entry by Lucy to be devoted to the dangers of Dengue fever which she will write on the 13 hour flight back to London on Friday.

On our trip in September 2009, a last minute thing we did was donate $50 for an old man to buy a coconut trolley to help support his family.  We dashed off to catch our flight and never caught up with him. But Della, Don and Lucy managed to track it down on their last day.  It looks like business is good and he is able to still support his family.

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