Friday, 1 April 2011

School makes the grade

It's sometimes hard to measure the impact of the work we do - especially when you're 5,500 miles away. But recent indicators have shown us that FODAD really is making a difference to the children at the Village School.  At the end of our last trip a team of government inspectors visited to check on the health of the students. They commented that they had never seen such healthy children from such a poverty stricken environment which must be in part down to the fact that we have been feeding them a nutrious meal every day for over 6 years, and for some it is the only meal they get. And kids who aren't hungry will concentrate more.

This, combined with the changes we've made to the school such as the introduction of partitions, has led to 4 students passing enough O Levels to go onto further education and study for their A levels. This is a fantastic result and the first time ever that any pupil from the school has made such an achievement. We will try and actively encourage those who passed to continue their education by supporting them in some way.

And finally, the school has recently undergone its annual inspection and the report noted the discipline of the students, the cleanliness of the school and how well turned out the kids were.

So, we really are making a difference and providing hope for a better future! Thank you.

The school band has given teachers and students pride in their school
The introduction of an annual merit prize has given the children something to strive for
Partitions have helped reduce distractions during classes

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