Friday, 14 January 2011


No one can have missed the reports of extreme flooding in Australia, Brazil and now Sri Lanka.

At this time of year, the west coast - where are projects are based - has not, so far, been directly affected. But, the seas are rougher than is usual which means it has been difficult for the village fishermen to earn a living in the lull before the next monsoon period arrives. And the BBC reported the coldest day in Colombo for over 60 years earlier this week. Over 350,000 people in Sri Lanka have already been displaced and the damage to crops has meant that food prices have already rocketed.

We have managed to stave off increases to the food bill for 2 years but the most recent estimate to feed all the children every day has seen that increase by 26% on this time last year. As the cost of providing food for the kids is our single biggest outlay each year, we're very concerned that funding in other areas may have to be cut. We are also really worried that the consequential effect will see food prices increase across the island and put further hardship on the really poor communities that we support as well as increase the risk of disease such as dengue fever which was prevalent during out last visit.

And its just not people affected to. This is a really moving story on the plight of the wildlife and in particular one baby elephant.

All of this comes as we start preparations for our next trip to Sri Lanka in February.

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