Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 15 – Monday 4 October

Our last full day but one in Sri Lanka for this trip so time to start tying up loose ends.  First up was a re-visit to the Nursery School where we handed over some more educational toys. We also agreed to fund a new secure cabinet for the school so that toys and educational materials can be locked away securely at the end of lessons.  However, whilst we were there, a manager from the Mount Lavinia hotel visited who currently pay the salaries of the two teachers; we have long pushed for a better building for the school and this may have taken a step closer as it would seem that the increase in tourist numbers means that they are now in a position to commit to funding a new building. 

After the paint job
Next, back to the Village School. First up was a meeting with a company who have agreed to quote us for a new roof for the school; we anticipate the quote will be prohibitively expensive but at least we will have a benchmark price.  At the weekend we bought the school 3 new water purifiers so that the children could enjoy clean, filtered water and so we installed these. As we poured in the water direct from the tap, the misty colour of the water showed what a great investment these should be and they look pretty good against the newly painted, brighter interior.  We couldn’t afford electrically cooled models which turned out to be a relief as the Principal informed us that the electricity board had visited earlier to disconnect the school for non payment of the bill.  She showed us the bill and the savings account which she has to top up with any contributions from staff  and parents.  Naturally there was a shortfall so we have agreed to clear the outstanding amount.  Hopefully the new low energy bulbs we’ve supplied might reduce the bill in the future as well as providing better light but it still seems very odd that a school should have to rely on contributions to basic utilities rather than being met by the education department.

Learning the science of water filters

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