Sunday, 18 July 2010

FODAD assists in life-saving Op

One of the pleasures of supporting the Nursery School is seeing the happiness and innocence of the kids - they're too young to know just how difficult their lives will be growing up in a poor village - and they derive happiness by playing with the little they've got. The school is in pretty poor repair too; despite a number of promises to provide a new building, nothing has yet happened and this will be one of the priorities for our next trip in September.

One of the kids which has always stood out with his beaming smile was Gihan.  But on the very last day of our visit in February, his parents told us that he needed urgent heart surgery. His father is a road-sweeper and earns next to nothing and couldn't afford to pay the 25,000 Sri Lankan Rupees to pay for the operation. The Government had agreed to pick up the remainder of the bill. It was a no-brainer and over the last few months we obtained the medical reports and sent the money for the op.
I'm pleased to say that Gihan has now had his surgery and is making a full recovery. Without the supporters of FODAD, who knows what would have happened to this little lad. £150 to save a live...? Priceless.

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